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Hi everyone,

Thanks for your extended patience and support during this long period of silence on our part. I figure I should start by addressing a few things.

As you may have heard, Josh has left to focus on his band, The New Trust, as he is in his own right a very talented singer and songwriter. He left on good terms and we are still friends. Their band is currently on tour and you should go see them.

Casey has been touring with his other band, The Americas, for the last three months, ever since we finished our last tour, and he and I are still planning to play music together.

Josh told me he was leaving a week before Logan died. Either one of those things was enough to floor me, so both at once left me at quite a loss. I took the month following our tour's end to clear my head and say goodbye. Since then, I've been writing new songs, I can't put down my guitar, and I'm itching to get back out on the road again.

Our humble band is not at an end, dear friends. The only thing coming to a close is a long first chapter. I personally can't wait to see and share with you what's up ahead.


February 28, 2007
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