! (whenimdead) wrote in thevelvetteen,

Take advantage of my weight gain! Have a shirt!

So this shirt doesn't fit me anymore, it doesn't even reach my pants wtf!
Tis a Gildan Activewear Ultra Blend Heavyweight shirt, size youth large (14-16).
Perhaps you have also gained weight and have an adult medium shirt to trade? Or maybe even a small?
If not, I will consider selling it. I already have the horse (unicorn?) shirt, the instrument stabby heart shirt, the airplane shirt which I would like to trade for a medium (I have a small). Uh, I probably paid $10 for it, so... shipping should be like $2, so, oh I don't know. $8 total? That's not a lot of money. I'd much rather trade stuff. Oh, you know you have cool junk in your room you want to get rid of. Velvet Teen shirt! Trade me something!
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