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The Velvet Teen
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You know you love them.

Welcome! Feel free to post your thoughts, pictures, experiences, show reviews, declarations of love, shopping lists, or whatever the heck you want. Just keep your feet off the furniture, and try to keep things VT related.

Any questions, comments, or scathing insults can be directed to your friendly neighborhood Big Brothers wimpdork or emzine.

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Some ground rules:

Show pictures are very much encouraged, but do be considerate to those with slower connections. Use the lj-cut feature if you have more than one or two to show.
Also, no community advertising unless it's relevant (to the community)--they will be deleted immediately. Try community_promo instead.

Party like it's 1999. That is all.

Relevant links:
The Velvet Teen Official Website (because they love you)
Slowdance Dot Com (semi-portland-based rock providers)
Pandacide Dot Com (petaluma-based rock providers)
Robyn's Velvet Teen Site (back in action)
Paul Ensen's Velvet Teen Site (a treasure trove of tour information--past and present)
The Velvet Teen Japanese Fansite (an excellent site--thorough, frequently updated, and in Japanese)
The New Trust Official Website (Josh's ultra-super-awesometatious other band)
The Americas Official Website (more Casey Deitz, double-agent of rock)

Other communities:
Logan Whitehurst & the Jr. Science Club Community (a livejournal community for Logan's side project)
The New Trust Community (a livejournal community for Josh's side project)

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