VANILLA the PLADStIC snoMWAN (plasticsnowman) wrote in thevelvetteen,

Thank you

Here's a message from Logan.

Hello, everybody--I just wanted to thank everyone who has written to me over the past several months of my mysterious illness for their kind words and concern. It really was a big help to me to know that there were so many awesome people who care about my well-being.

Some good news: I finally know exactly what my illness is, and I'm going to be fine in just a few days. Some bad news: I have a brain tumor. I'm on my way in a few minutes to the hospital at Stanford and I go to surgery tomorrow morning. Luckily, the doctors say it will be fairly easy to remove and I should be fine in a few days. I'm hoping they are right! And they probably are--I mean, it's a pretty good hospital, I suppose.

I was going to wait to write this note until the other guys had written something about it, and I hate to jump the gun, but seeing as I go in for a major operation tomorrow I thought I should at least let folks know beforehand--I have also decided to leave the Velvet Teen.

During my illness I have had a lot of time to think about what I want to do and where I want to be in life, and I realized that, right now, the music I want to make is the music of the Junior Science Club. Not because I think it's better music (not by a long shot), but because of the way I feel when I'm making it. Judah and Josh were both very kind and understanding of my situation and my decision. There were never any problems between us or any disagreements or anything like that. I feel so extremely privileged to have been involved in such an amazing band and to have gotten to know so many incredible people in other bands and in the audience. I wish Judah and Josh and whomever steps in to play the drums as much success as possible. Many many thanks to Casey from the Americas for doing such a great job helping thus far. I love those guys and I know I'm giving up a lot by doing this. I just hope everyone can understand.

I will miss everyone, but I hope that in time I can regain my footing as a performer on my own. I plan to concentrate on the Junior Science Club and to try to make it into something really interesting.

In the meantime, Elysium is coming out soon! It's really a beautiful album. I am proud of the work I did and of the amazing work Josh and Judah put forth. The Velvet Teen are planning some major tours, including a full US tour and a headlining return to Japan. I think them lads is goin' places! The Velvet Teen is still my favorite band--I'll do whatever I can to help them out. Buy a t-shirt. You know.

Judah, we've been in bands together for six years--you're like my brother. You're doing great things. Josh--thanks for the past four years. You are also like my brother. Enjoy your Dana Dane cd. I will see both of you in English class next year! Have a great summer! 2 cool + 2 be = 4-gotten! You rulz.

Okay--I'm on my way. Hopefully I'll see everyone really soon. I guess "thank you" is the best thing to say to everyone.

Your friend,
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